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Believe it or not, you're living in a world of chemistry.

When you wake up in the morning, you wear the slipper, which is made of chemically produced rubber, and walk to the bathroom. You take out the toothbrush, apply some toothpaste on it, and start brushing your teeth. In fact, both the toothbrush and the toothpaste are made of synthesised materials (yes, using chemistry methods!).

You're now enjoying your breakfast, which is a toast and an egg, in a plastic plate, and a glass cup of milk. You notice that the plastic and the glass are both produced chemically.

Now you're sitting in your car, on the way to work. Your car, unfortunately, is relying heavily on petrol, which comes from a chemical plant in UAE. Even the road that you're driving on, is coated with asphalt, which is the residue after petroleum production.

You arrive at your office now, which is a big office, air-conditioned, bright, and comfortable. Without you knowing it, the air-conditioner is built upon chemistry principles while the coolant used in the air-conditioner is made with chemical technologies too.

Living in a modern world with all sorts of computing devices everywhere, you use computers everyday. Sometimes you also use the old school pen and paper. Do you know that both CPU chips and ink of pen are produced by chemistry? Without chemistry, programmers would not have a CPU to run their programs. Perhaps they would not even have a keyboard to write their programs.

After a long day, you're back to your lovely home now. You turn on your TV, and have your dinner. TV, as you may guess, is only possible with chemistry. The screen panel on your TV, be it LCD, LED, or any fancy screen, is made in chemical ways.

You don't think you have enough Vitamin C today, and you decide to take a Vitamin C pill. These pills are unlikely to be extracted from any real fruit due to their large scale production. They're man-made using chemistry approaches. Even if the manufactures do extract Vitamin C from oranges, extraction by itself, would require certain chemical materials and technologies.

Now you're sleepy, you want to take a shower, and go to bed. The shower gel that your use, has a component called surfactant, which is produced by chemistry too. Even how that surfactant is removing dirt or sweat from your skin, is governed by chemistry principles!

Let's say "Good night" to you. But before you close your eyes, we shall remind you that the filling of your pillow can be chemically produced too.

Chemistry, unlike some of the modern technologies standing in the spotlight, does not seem to be glorious or fashion, but is indeed the basis of all other modern technologies.

Without chemistry, there would not be any computing technology, medicine and supplements, food industry, fashion and clothing, filming and music, auto-mobile, aviation, or telecommunication, or anything. It is very likely that the entire civilisation will not be possible without chemistry.

About this website

We put up this website, trying our best to introduce chemistry to everyone, regardless their background knowledge of chemistry. We will take you through a journey of chemistry, starting from the building block of all substances, i.e., atoms, to as far as we can go. No matter whether you're a student studying chemistry, or a programmer just being curious about chemistry, we hope you may have a better understanding on chemistry after reading our posts.

We'll try our best to deliver the contents in such a way that any reader, regardless of his or her background knowledge of chemistry, can at least gain some degree of understanding of chemistry from reading our posts. We will put the posts in a natural and logical way so that it will start from the basics and gradually get to an advanced level.

However, chemistry is such a vast field, and we may only cover a really small portion of chemistry, or rather, only the basics of the entire chemistry field. Meanwhile, not all the contents discussed here would be applying to all cases or be true forever. Theories are only meant to describe what is actually happening, but not the other way round. Nature simply does not work the way we ask it to follow. Therefore, theories may have contradictions and conflicts, and theories may change over time. We'll put in every effort to make all contents posted here scientifically proofed, but you may still find mistakes or out-of-date contents as science advances. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubt or suggestion. Together, we can bring chemistry to everyone.

Now let's start the journey with Matter.

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